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No4(4) 2021

DOI 10.37219/2528-8253-2021-4

Zabolotnyi DI, Bieliakova IA, Lutsenko VI, Kholodenko TYu, Loza TP, Hradiuk NM,
Chaika SP, Situkho MI, Nechiporenko PV
Clinical and diagnostic characteristics of cochleovestibular function in patients of active working age after exposure to stress 
Zabolotnyi DI, Lutsenko VI, Bieliakova IA, Nechiporenko PV, Situkho MI,
Kholodenko TYu, Hradiuk NM
Results of Federichi Tuning fork test in different bone-air gap sizes
Srebniak IA, Sherbul OV, Pedachenko A
Peculiarities of clinical manifestations of perilymphatic fistulas and evaluation of the effectiveness of treatment in patients with middle ear cholesteatoma
Berezniuk IV, Kovtunenko OV, Berezniuk VV
Features of combined endoscopic tympanoplasty in children with chronic otitis media with cholesteatoma 
Solomennikova NV, Deyeva YuV, Palamarchuk VO, Kuts VV
Survey of acoustic analysis of voice in healthy residents of Ukraine
Sinaiko IO, Troyan VI, Lobova OV, Kryshtal VM
Impact of subclinical mental disorders of voice function and quality of life in voice-speaking professions during the COVID-2019 pandemic 
Shkorbotun YaV
Maxillary sinus cyst as a risk factor for osteomeatal complex block
Naumenko O, Abdelrazzaq A, Amirkhanova M
The role of bacteriotherapy in the restoration of the nasal mucosa in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis
Bondarchuk AD, Melnykov OF, Timchenko MD, Didyk ND
Clinical and immunological studies of humoral factors of inflammation and regeneration in patients with injuries of the frontal and basal area
Pukhlik SM, Shchelkunov AP, Shchelkunov OA
Improvement of methods of diagnosis the hypertrophy of the styloid process of the temporal bone and stylohyoid syndrome in an outpatient and polyclinic conditions using functional tests
Ivasivka KP, Paltov EV, Masna ZZ, Kryvko YY, Cherkes MB
Dynamics of changes in the structural components of the mucosa and cartilage of the larynx of rats at the end of 28th and 35th days of experimental opioid exposure 
Kitsera, Kitsera R
Sketches of medical terminology

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