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No5(4) 2021

DOI 10.37219/2528-8253-2021-5

Zabolotnyi DI, Меlnikov OF, Timchenko SV, Rylska OG, Pharaon ІV, Zayets TA,
Zabolotna DD, Smagina TV, Peleshenko NO, Gogunska IV, Musich IM
Clinical and immunological changes in patients with chronic inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract at different periods after administration of influenza vaccine.
Message 1. The influence of parenteral influenza vaccination on the clinical condition and indicators of systemic humoral immunity in patients with chronic inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract
Minin YuV, Kucherenko TI, Minina GYu
Peculiarities of the upper airways condition in patients with snoring and obstructive apnea during sleeping 
Shydlovska TA, Kovalchuk PM
Values of laryngeal stroboscopy in patients with chronic laryngitis exposed to occupational factors
Lukach EV, Serezhko YO, Klochkov EI, Strezhak VV, Tsymbalyuk EM, Dikhtyaruk VY
Some aspects of conservative treatment of patients with laryngeal cancer
Pukhlik SM, Kolesnichenko VV
Optimization of the approach to conducting tonsillectomy
Shydlovska TA, Shydlovska TV, Navalkivska NY
The level of peripheral myelin protein and vitamin D in blood serum among patients suffering diabetes mellitus type II and hearing impairment
Popovych VI
Multicentre clinical trial to evaluate microbial spectrum in acute diffuse otitis externa in the residents of Ukraine
Pukhlik SM, Dedikova IV, Bohdanov VK
A new approach to the treatment of allergic rhinitis

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