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No1-2(5) 2022

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DOI 10.37219/2528-8253-2022-1-62

Yurochko F, Kopanska D
All about otorrhoea 
Yurochko Fedir
Lviv Regional Pediatric Clinical Hospital OKhMATDYT
Head of Pediatric ENT Clinic

Kopanska Dzwinka
Lviv Regional Pediatric Clinical Hospital OKhMATDYT
Doctor of Pediatric ENT Clinic


Otorrhoea is a symptom of the presence or leakage of secretions (sulfur, blood, pus, mucus, cerebrospinal fluid or even saliva) from the ear. Otorrhea is an important symptom of ear disease, or may be a manifestation of the spread of diseases in the external auditory canal from the ear. The cause of otorrhoea can be determined in most cases after the history and examination of the patient. The most common causes of purulent otorrhoea are acute otitis externa or acute otitis media. Chronic otitis media with cholesteatoma should be remembered as a lifethreatening condition. Patients with otorrhoea are mostly outpatient and do not require inpatient treatment. Understanding the cause of otorrhoea will help establish the correct diagnosis and prescribe the right effective treatment.


otorrhoea, causes, treatment.

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