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No1-2(5) 2022

DOI 10.37219/2528-8253-2022-1

Shydlovska TА, Shydlovska TV, Kozak N, Ovsyanik K, Petruk L
Indicators of rheoencephalography in recurrent acutraumatic lesions in real combat conditions
Bobrov AL, Borisenko OM, Malisheva TA, Pedachenko AE, Papp OV
Morphological evaluation of the effect of continuous direct electrostimulation with the help of the bioelectric system on the denervated circular musculature of the eye in case of experimental single facial nerve injury
Melnikov OF, Zabolotnyi DI, Rylska OG, Timchenko MD, Zayets TA, Timchenko SV, Sidorenko TV
Changes in the organism of patients with chronic inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract at different periods after administration of influenza vaccine.
Message 1. Status of congenital immune parameters after a single anti-influenza vaccination 
Minin YuV, Karas AF, Karas GA, Kucherenko TI, Chaika SP, Virych PA, Shuvalova NS, Raskaliei TY
Morphological investigation of reparative processes in the area of the defect of cartilage tissue of the external ear of the rabbit after the local application of allogenic mesenchymal stem cells
Lozova Y
Evaluation of posturographic indicators in children with non-purulent acute otitis media
Minin YuV, Kucherenko TI
Treatment of patients with snoring and moderate obstructive sleep apnea
Amirkhanova M, Deyeva YuV
Analysis of appeals of patients with sensorineural hearing loss to the otolaryngological department during 2015-2021
Yurochko F, Kopanska D
All about otorrhoea 
Bezshapochny S, Dzhirov O, Podovzhny O
Modern approach to the treatment of acute viral rhinosinusitis

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