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No3-4(5) 2022

DOI 10.37219/2528-8253-2022-3

Shydlovska TA, Burlaka YuB, Voroshylova NM, Petruk LG, Verevka SV
Features of the hemostatic system at combat-caused acoustic injuries 
Shydlovska TA, Shydlovska TV, Kozak MS, Ovsianyk KV, Petruk LG
Indicators of bioelectrical activity of the brain according to EEG data in patients with acute trauma received in real combat conditions, taking into account the effectiveness of medical measures 
Petruk LG, Kramarenko RP
Data of clinical otorhinolaryngologic review of servicemen of armed forces of Ukraine are at implementation of the educational firing 
Pochuieva TV, Filatova GA
Peculiarities of bone tissue metabolism in patients with acute otitis media with impared carbonhydrate metabolism
Minin YuV, Virych PA, Karas AF, Chaika SP, Karas GA, Shuvalova NS, Kucherenko TI
Regeneration of artificial injuries external ear elastic cartilage of rabbits after stem cells local injection
Dieieva YV
Low patient compliance to CPAP therapy as a new challenge in the management of patients with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome: social, demographic characteristics and the quality of life
Naumenko OM, Tarasenko MV, Bolgov MYu
Surgical treatment of unilateral laryngeal paralysis by selective reinnervation in thyroid surgery
Sinaiko IO, Troyan VI, Kryshtal VM
Etiopathogenetic grounding of the treatment of voice-speech professions with functional dysphonia on the background of subclinical psycho-emotional disorders during the COVID-2019 pandemic 
Bezega M
Disorder of sound conduction function in patients with COVID-19
Bezeha B
Our observations regarding olfactory disorders in COVID-19
Shchelkunov AP, Pukhlik SM, Titarenko OV, Shchelkunov OA
Development and improvement of methods of conservative treatment of stylohyoid syndrome

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